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Congratulations Upcycle Oregon trashion/fashion winners

Fiona the Butterfly. Photo by Anna Reed/Statesman Journal

Fiona the Butterfly. Photo by Anna Reed/Statesman Journal

Congratulations are in order! Deliberations were not easy, but the Upcycle Oregon awards have been determined.

Drumroll please…

In the “Outrageous” trashion/fashion category, our Best in Show winner is Rebecca Anderson for Hawaiian Belly Dancer. Made from debris found on the beach, her outfit includes a variety of found rope, sea glass, string, milk jug ring, fishing net, screen netting, micro plastic, plastic pieces and clear plastic bags. These items were all found on the beach. The only material in her dress not found on the beach was the bra she built the top on, but it was one she already owned. Congratulations Rebecca!

Merit awards go to Erin Bass for Hageshi, Hailey Kavanagh for Vision of Fashion and Danielle Baca for The Butterfly.

Erin’s outfit made a fiery impact and one of the most incredible aspects of it is its story. Her outfit represents the idea that in present day, half breed exist. Half dragon, half woman, her name “Hageshi,” which means fierce in Japanese. She spunky, intelligent and fierce, although occasionally her anger gets the best of her and she may breathe a touch of fire. Erin’s dress and accessories took 1-½ months and 260 hours of work to construct, by hand! No machine sewing. The dress includes 1850 recycled plastic guitar picks which were cut from plastic gift cards that were going to be thrown away. Other materials include an old lenticular screen from a rear projection TV, computer chips, film, paper, foil and newspaper. The amount of work and details in this outfit are incredible. Nice job Erin!

Hailey’s mermaid-style trashion was made from a reclaimed prom gown that she covered in wrappers from eyeglass arms which her dad found on Craigslist. Bound for the dumpster, she rescued them and has been making them into recycled art. The necklace, which is in production, is made from green eyeglass arms that have been cut and made into a collar-shaped statement piece. Very cool Andrea!

Danielle created a butterfly outfit for her daughter Fiona using a table cloth and bubble wrap, which she hand-painted to give the right effect. Way to go Danielle!

In the “Everyday” trashion/fashion category, our Best in Show winner is Susannah Cray.
14-year-old Susannah is a budding fashion designer. Her materials are found, given and reclaimed. She deconstructs old fashions to utilize the fabrics and utilizes scraps given to her by friends. She transforms these reclaimed materials into wearable, everyday items.

Thank you to everyone who participated in and attended Upcycle Oregon. This event could not happen without the support of the community. If you would like to take an active role and help us organizer next year, please contact We need all the help we can get to make this event flourish and grow!

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